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Is kin selection the mechanism by which eusociality evolved?

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Post by Myrmecophile on Mon Jan 28, 2008 11:24 am

Well as requested I am going to attempt to give some information about myself. Although not as extensive as Benoit's, I hope it is as informative and enjoyable to read.
My name is David Michael Bednar. I am American, born and raised in Oregon. I went to a very small high school which allowed me opportunities in athletics that I would not have had anywhere else. More specifically, I was able to compete at State competitions in football, basketball, wrestling, and Track and Field (state champ in javelin). My reputation granted me a trip to Australia for 2 weeks after I graduated, where I learned there was a lot more in the world than what was in Oregon.
I received my Bachelors degree at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. It was there that my passion for insects, especially ants, was nurtured by a supportive faculty, and again opportunities granted at a small private college that I may not have gotten anywhere else. I traveled to Costa Rica sunny for a Semester where I studied Dolichoderous bispinosis, and interesting ant that is effectively sympatric with leaf cutter ants. It was also at Pacific where I met My fiance. She graduated with a degree in chemistry and is now working on her Phd at Duke. Our wedding is this summer in Montana (where she is from). I mention her not only because she is the most important thing in my life, but because without her support I would probably be pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy, or as a Physicians Assistant, instead of this love of ants.
Currently I am a Masters student at North Carolina State University in Jules Silverman's lab. His lab focuses on the ecology of invasive urban ants. Benoit, introduced us to P. chinensis, and we have been intrigued ever since bounce. I want to study the interactions between these invasive ants and Termites. Also, while I am here I plan on staying fit by trying to enjoy whatever outdoor activities North Carolina has to offer, it's no Oregon, but it'll do.
I look forward to some good discussions, hopefully Benoit can keep most of them in English, being that my Spanish is only good enough to allow me to catch part of what he writes in French king sometimes.
To the ants,


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