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Post by Nicolas Tirard on Mon Feb 04, 2008 6:04 am

I apologize in advance for my bad english level. Indeed, like Benoit, I am french. And french people are well known for their ability to speek... french. But I promize I will try to improve my english skills !

I won't talk about my expertness, cause I am far to be an expert. But I have allways been interested in the study of myrmecology, and spent a long time observing the behaviours of french species. I am one of the moderators of a french forum dealing with the subject (don't know if I can put the link here, if no, feel free to remove it). I am still a young idealist who want to go everywhere and do everything.

My actual goals are :
- to become a teacher in biology
- to write an identification guide to the french species of ants
- to do what I can to protect biodiversity, save the marine turtle and then the word, blablabla.
- to participate with you to interesting debates and discover a litle more the ants of the rest of the world

thank you for your attention, best regards

Nicolas Tirard

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