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Notes from Underground

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Notes from Underground Empty Notes from Underground

Post by Benoit Guenard on Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:56 pm

The last version of Notes from Underground is out:

However, due to a lack of articles submitted, the editor has a lack of motivation and is thinking to stop it. Here is the editorial line:
Well folks here it is overdue but finally ready. As you saw from the intro page I am wondering if this is going to be the last issue of Notes. The reason for this quandry is quite simply the lack of support in the form of printable material. We have close to 200 members and I can count on two hands the people that have regularly supported Notes by sending in material for publication. Come on people You are all capable of sending in a little something to be published, whether it is something as simple as a collecting note or a more major work it is not that hard to do. I feel like I am banging my head on a wall at times and honestly I am losing the motivation to keep this going. I/We need your support to make this work

Personally, I think that would be sad because I have had a lot of pleasure to read the articles on this journal. If you think like me, I think that this journal deserve some time from us. Let's heat our keyboards.
Benoit Guenard
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