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Books on ants

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Books on ants Empty Books on ants

Post by Benoit Guenard on Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:35 am

Many books devoted to ants have been published over the years. Here is a selection of some of them, classified by year.

On general notion and ecology:

Ants, J. Huxley, 1930. 120 pages

Mosaics and other anomalies among ants, W.M. Wheeler, 1937. 95 pages

The association of ants with aphids and coccids, G.E.J. Nixon, 1951. 36 pages

Vie et mśurs des fourmis, A. Raignier, 1952. 223 pages

Ants Their Structure Development and Behavior, W.M. Wheeler, 1960. 663 pages

The study of ants, S.H. Skaife, 1962.

Army Ants: A Study in Social Organization, T.C. Schneirla, 1971. 349 pages

Gardening ants. the Attine, N.A. Weber, 1972. 146p

Production Ecology of Ants and Termites
, M.V. Brian, 1978. 426 pages

The social biology of ants, K. Dumpert, 1981. 298 pages

Ant-plant interactions in Australia. A. Beattie. 1982. 162 pages.

Les fourmis et les plantes: un exemple de coévolution, P. Jolivet, 1984. 254 pages

The Evolutionary Ecology Of Ant-Plant Mutualisms, A. J. Beattie, 1985. 182 pages

Fire Ants and Leaf-Cutting Ants: Biology and Management, C.S. Lofgren and R.K. Vander Meer, 1986. 247 pages

L’organisation sociale des fourmis, L. Passera, 1986. 360 pages

The behavioural ecology of ants, J.H. Sudd, 1987. 200 pages

Advances in myrmecology
, J.C. Trager, 1988, 551 pages

Applied Myrmecology: A World Perspective, R.K. Vander Meer, 1990. 741 pages

The ants, B. Hölldobler et E. O. Wilson, 1990. 746 pages

Ant-plant interactions. C.R. Huxley et D.F. Cutler, 1991. 601 pages.

La fourmi et le sociobiologiste, P. Jaisson, 1993. 276 pages

Social evolution in ants
, A. Bourke, 1995. 529 pages

Army Ants: The Biology of Social Predation, W.H. Gotwald, 1995. 302 pages

Ants, G.J. Skinner et G.W. Allen, 1996. 83 pages

The world of the harvester ants, S.W. Taber, 1998. 213 pages

Ants: Standard Methods for Measuring and Monitoring Biodiversity
, D. Agosti et al., 2000. 280 pages

Ants at Work: How an Insect Society Is Organized, D.M. Gordon, 2000. 182 pages

Fire ants, S.W. Taber, 2000. 308 pages

Exotic Ants: Biology, Impact, and Control of Introduced Species, D.F. Williams, 2000. 332 pages

Seed Dispersal by Ants in a Deciduous Forest Ecosystem: Mechanisms, Strategies, Adaptations
, E. Gorb and S. Gorb, 2003. 248 pages
review available here in the Volume 6

Pheidole in the New world : a dominant, hyperdiverse ant genus, E.O. Wilson, 2003. 794 pages

Herbivory of Leaf-Cutting Ants: A Case Study on Atta Colombica in the Tropical Rainforest of Panama, R. Wirth, 2003. 230 pages

Introducción a las Hormigas de la Región Neotropical, F. Fernández, 2003. 398 pages

Carpenter Ants Of The United States And Canada, L.D. Hansen and J.H. Klotz, 2005. 224 pages

Les fourmis: comportement, organisation sociale et évolution, L. Passera et S. Aron
, 2005. 480 pages

On a trail with ants: a handbook of the ants of the peninsular India
, A. Narendra et S. Kumar, 2006. 208 pages

Book's presentation by one of the author, here:

The ecology and evolution of ant-plant interactions, V. Rico-Gray et P.S. Oliveira, 2007. 320 pages.

On social insects

L'intelligence des bętes, V. Rendu, 1863. 324 pages.
Divided in three parts: wasps, bees and ants.

The Insect societies, E.O Wilson, 1971. 548 pages

Caste and ecology in the social insects, G. F. Oster et E. O. Wilson, 1978. 372 pages

Social insects Vol 1-4, H.R. Hermann, 1979-1982.

The biology of social insects, M.D. Breed, C.D. Michener et H.E. Evans, 1982

Social Insects: Ecological and Behavioural Biology, M.V. Brian, 1983.

Defensive Mechanisms in Social Insects, H.R. Hermann, 1984.

Caste Differentiation in Social Insects, J.A.L. Watson, 1985.

From Individual to Collective Behavior in Social Insects, J.L. Deneubourg, 1987.

Inter Individual Behavioural Variability in Social Insects, R.L. Jeanne, 1988.

Social Insects: An Evolutionary Approach to Castes and Reproduction, W. Engels, 1990.

Social insects, B. Rensch, A. Buschinger et W. Engels. 1990

Biology and evolution of social insects, J. Billen, 1992. 398 pages

Queen number and sociality in insects, L. Keller, 1993. 452 pages

Evolution of social insects colonies, R.H. Crozier et P. Pamilo. 1996

Pheromone communication in social insects: ants, wasps, bees and termites, R.K. Vander Meer, 1997.

Parasites in social insects, P. Schmid Hempel, 1998. 392 pages

Information processing in social insects, J.M. Pasteels, C. Detrain, J.L. Deneubourg, 1999

Termites: evolution, sociality, symbioses, ecology, D.E. Bigness, 2000

The evolution of social wasps
, J.H. Hunt, 2007. 259 pages

Biological Theory developed on ants

The evolution of social behaviour in insects and arachnids, J.C. Choe, 1997.

Auto organisation et comportement, G. Theraulaz et F. Spitz, 1997.

Interrelationship between insects and plants P. Jolivet, 1998. 336 pages.

Les sociétés animales, S. Aron et L. Passera, 2000. 336 pages.

Self-Organization in Biological Systems, S. Camazine, J.L. Deneubourg, N.R. Franks, J. Sneyd, G. Theraulaz, E. Bonabeau, 2001. 538 pages.

On taxonomy

Les fourmis de la Suisse, A. Forel, 1874. 475 pages.

Les fourmis d'Europe Occidentale et Septentrionale, F. Bernard, 1968. 418 pages.

The identification and distribution of New world army ants : Dorylinae: Formicidae, Julian FII Watkins, 1976. 112 pages

Identification guide to the ant genera of the world, B. Bolton, 1994. 232 pages.

A Bibliography of Ant Systematics, P. Ward, 1996. 417 pages.

A new general catalogue of the ants of the world, B. Bolton, 2002. 512 pages.

Synopsis and classification of Formicidae, B. Bolton. 2003. 370 pp.
Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 71.

Ants of North America: a guide to the genera
, B.L. Fischer et S. D. Cover, 2007. 216 pages.

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Benoit Guenard
Benoit Guenard

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Books on ants Empty Re: Books on ants

Post by Benoit Guenard on Sun Jan 27, 2008 12:00 pm

Coming soon in 2008 or later:

Mutualism: ants and their insect partners
, by Bernhard Stadler and Tony Dixon, 232 pages on March 28.

The superorganism, by Bert Holldobler and Edward O. Wilson. In prep.
Benoit Guenard
Benoit Guenard

Number of posts : 67
Location : Raleigh, NC
Registration date : 2008-01-19

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