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Luís Lopes da Fonseca

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Post by Luís Maria on Sat Sep 13, 2008 6:55 am

Good morning,
I am from Portugal and I live near Lisbon at Oeiras (20 km from Lisbon) and I work at the National Agronomical Research Institute (INIA) and my research field is Development of Berries Production Technologies mainly for off-season production.
Since always I am interested in ants.

"Moderation" I have modified the message. This forum is not about ants rearing (except for scientific purpose) and our position is against the introduction of exotic species for non scientific purpose. Please consult this document, and especially the article available on page 24 by Dr Buschinger:
Thank you to consider it and I would be glad to answer to your questions.
Benoit Guenard, administrator of the forum.[b]

Luís Maria

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